Finding God in the Garden

Dirty hands

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Recently bluer (my church) just finished a series of messages exploring “An Emerging God.” It was an attempt to remind ourselves that God is everywhere, and in everything, we just need eyes to see him… ears to hear him… and hearts to feel him.

I spent the day gardening with my mom. We planted her two flowers gardens, some climbing flowers in the front, and some tomato plants on the deck. Check out the pictures.

I carefully prepared the holes for the plants, removing weeds and stones. Then I removed the flowers from their flimsy plastic pots- being sure to loosen them first, then unbound the roots so they would spread and grow. Then I would fill in the dirt around the roots and smooth it all out. Then I sat back and looked at my work, and imagined what the plant would look like as it grew and flourished.

And then it hit me… this is what God did with my life.

At one time, I thought I had it all figured out. There was no God, we were all a cosmic coincidence, and my home theater system was something worth large amounts of time and money.

I had no idea I was sitting in a flimsy plastic pot, root bound…

Then God came in and (via the holy spirit) opened my mind to the larger scope of life, love, the universe and everything…

I was not a cosmic accident, I was a beloved son and my home theater system was a minor, minor detail.

Carefully and lovingly, God loosened me up, removed me from my pot, unbound my roots and planted me in His Garden… so I could grow and flourish.

Of course it was a messy process (that continues to this day) but you can’t plant flowers without getting your hands dirty… and in the end… it’s worth it.

Mom, if you ever read this: thanks for reminding me who the real master gardener is. Luv ya.