Me: OK, Deer: Dead, Car: busted

Radiator is hosed and leaking

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Update: My car will be in the shop until June 10th — looks like I’m headed back to the cities for a spell…

This afternoon, on my way home to visit my parents in WI, I hit a deer near Camp Douglas. I was going 70ish in the left lane with a car on my right and one behind me on wet roads. I didn’t skid, slide, or otherwise lose control at all…

The deer didn’t make it. My car made it to the next exit, then I didn’t dare drive it more. The radiator is cracked and leaking a bit. A local body shop will look at it on Tuesday. My insurance will cover it 100%, which is a relief. My parents came and picked me up so I got to Portage safe.

I’m OK. I suspect I’ll be a little sore, but I’m just thankful to be alive and uninjured.

On Tuesday I’ll talk to the shop and decide whether to drive back to Minneapolis (in a borrowed car) or stick around in Portage until it’s fixed.

I found myself wondering if I had left 15 minutes earlier or later if this would have happened, or if that deer was somehow meant for me… I don’t know. I’m thankful to God for keeping me safe, but a bit confounded by his purpose for all this.

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