I am Jack’s seething rant

Read this: Bold Truth Tour uses marketing, Bible teachings, then read on…

First off, I realize not everyone is Billy Graham, but charging $12 for an evangelistic crusade is just ludicrous IMHO. A Chrisitian could buy themselves and a friend a ticket (crusades work best when a Christian brings a non-Christian friend), but what if a seeker who wanders up to the door, curious, and wants in? Would they be turned away if they won’t/can’t pay? What would Jesus have to say about that? I have to take serious issue with charging people to hear the Gospel. God’s love was a free gift to us, what right do we have to charge others to hear about it?

Second, they’ve got an altar call checklist. Read that again. It’s an altar call checklist. Once all the boxes are checked, you’re a Christian! The boiling down of the salvation experience to a checklist has got to be one the most serious issues I take with modern ‘decision’ based ministries. Following God in the way of Jesus (aka, being a Christian) is not a checklist, it’s not a decision, it’s not a single event, it’s a way of life. Period. Telling people anything else is irresponsible.

The Bible passage, which says, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord,” — combined with a step-by-step altar call checklist provided by the McDowell ministry — increased her confidence.

Third, what is up with this quote?

Rapid City youth pastors, like Luke Baker of South Canyon Baptist Church and Nick Ewing of Rimrock Free, are “drooling” over the evangelism opportunities that the rally will provide to local churches, Altstiel said.

“Drooling” over the evangelism opportunities? Did they seriously say that when they knew the article would be in the local paper?! I hope they were misquoted, or that is waaay out of context.

Ugh. Rant over. You may flame below, but please be civil.

PS- if you don’t get the title, watch Fight Club.