Auto Podcast Feed Maker

In response to DJ Chuang’s request, I hacked together a screen scraper/RSS podcast maker script.

Basically it grabs the HTML from a page, finds the MP3 links and creates a RSS feed out of them. Some of the code is borrowed from various sources on the net (thanks Google).

WARNING: You could really piss off the recipient of the traffic this can generate. I take no responsibility for what you do with this, it’s a proof of concept, use it at your own risk.

I’m offering up the source code for someone else to take it and run with it, I don’t have the time of energy to improve it beyond where it is.

Grab the source file (zipped PHP file).

2 Responses to “Auto Podcast Feed Maker”

  • tommy Says:

    oh snap! i’m so glad i stumbled onto this. i am scraping the mp3s off of some of my favorite mp3 filled sites and blogs right now. more convenient than working through the browser! and with long mixes/radio shows itunes will pick up where i left off if my listening gets interrupted! thanks so much for this.

  • tGriff Says:

    Very cool idea. In my testing of a site hosted by “ownspot” it doesn’t seem to pull the mp3’s. The link to the page is:
    I am looking for a way to create an rss to pull from this page and send it to iTunes… probably would be best to find a better site system… hmmm that’s not really a possibility at this point. Cool though.

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