Apr 19 2005

Conversatio Fide (conversations of faith)

While I was in Charlotte I was part of a podcast at Conversatio Fide (via Skype), on the topic of Technology and the (emerging) Church. The ‘cast also includes Jen Lemen, DJ Chuang, and Aaron Klinefelter (host).

It almost didn’t happen… DJ’s DSL was being fussy, as was Dustin‘s (the house I was at that night). But, in the end, everything was up an running and it happened, just a bit later than planned.

MP3 Link

Apr 18 2005

I beat BillyGraham.org

Click for larger version

For a few days last month, NickCiske.com (my personal site) had a bigger reach than BillyGraham.org (my former employer) according to Alexa.

Of course, as always, it’s all due to my binary converter.

Apr 15 2005

Light Saber Spoon

Nevermind what would happen if you put a real light saber in your mouth (see Episode 1 when Quai Gon Jinn melts a security door with his) … I totally want one of these!

Apr 14 2005

Google Video Upload

Aaron beat me to it: Google has launched a video upload service.

So it’s Google vs. OurMedia huh? I wonder who will get the lion share of the video? Will Yahoo or MSN take up the challenge?

I *really* like the idea of being able to charge for a video… perhaps giving away a small (320×240) version on OurMedia and charging a small fee for a full res one (720×480) on Google?

This could be a real boon for content creators to distribute fan films, art films, training films, tutorials, porn, etc.

Is Google Video the new DVD (cheap easy way to get your video seen by the world)? Perhaps…

Apr 12 2005

Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century conference Wrap-up Article

Liberty posted a wrap-up story about the conference. You can read it here: Liberty University Hosts Internet Evangelism Conference

Aaron commented on it over at The Voiz.

Apr 12 2005

Comparing the Ethernet and Semaphores

I just finished writing a research paper entitled Comparing the Ethernet and Semaphores [PDF 100KB].

Here’s the absract:

Permutable technology and multicast algorithms have garnered improbable interest from both electrical engineers and statisticians in the last several years. In our research, we argue the construction of extreme programming. Although this is mostly a compelling mission, it has ample historical precendence. HURR, our new algorithm for atomic methodologies, is the solution to all of these problems.

It was exhausting, but I think my reasearch is a breakthrough in Ethernet Semaphore comparison.

OK, I didn’t really write a paper, I used SCIgen – An Automatic CS Paper Generator. You can write your own paper, in just a few clicks. Pretty cool stuff.