Web video comes home (to your living room)

First Google Video, now talks with TIVO, Google is aiming to get web video into your living room and onto your TV soon.

Imagine Google News (Video Edition) – watching news reports from sources all over the world instead of your local affiliate.

Imagine searching for [subject] and having thousands of [subject] videos to watch.

Imagine setting up a few ‘Smart Searches” (or whatever they will call tham) that alert you when new videos on a certain subject are available.

Imagine beign able to subscribe to Red vs Blue, or the Strangerhood via RSS and having each new episode automatically downloaded to your TIVO for viewing at your leisure.

Imagine being able to pay a few bucks to watch your favorite TV shows Commercial Free whenever you want.

The new age of TV video is coming soon.

This revolution will be televised, but you’ll have to download it first 😉