Sermon Markup Language?

Just had a crazy thought: Wouldn’t it be great to have an XML (XFN?) mark-up language for audio files – sermons specifically.

Imagine this:

  1. You download a sermon and it’s associated SML file.
  2. You load it up in your SML aware media player
  3. As the sermon plays, it automatically displays scriptures, images, and other media in a seperate pane (all described by timecode in the SML file).

It would basically make it easy for me (the publisher) to include the whole experience, not just the audio (assuming there is more than just what was said).

If the presentation software used during the service created this file during the service (and the associated media) automatically… wow, that’d be amazing.

SMIL could work for this but SMIL isn’t used much outside of RealPlayer AFAIK… hmmm….

This could be very cool.