The “Lynchburg Emergent Cohort”

We had an unofficial meeting of the unofficial, temporary, and 100% alien Lynchburg Emergent cohort tonight.

An ’emergent cohort’ is simply a gathering of emerging church folks. They are forming in cities around the world. As we had a concentration of emerging church folk in Lynchburg tonight, we essentially had an Emergent cohort meeting, although that’s not what we set out to do, it just happened.

Will Samson, Steven Shields, DJ Chuang, Steve Knight, Aaron Flores, Jim Gilliam, and myself went to a local establishment and hung out after the conference. We were filmed for possible inclusion in Jim’s movie in progress, tenatively titled “Church 2.0.”

The highlight of the night, however, was when were ribbing Will a bit for his use of “following God in the way of Jesus” during the blogging workshop (it’s an Emergent thing). Steve joked that we should “order our food in the way of Jesus.” The waitress responded, “I believe in Jesus, but I don’t order my food in his name!” Priceless. Jim has it on tape, hopefully it will make into the movie, or at least the blooper reel.

Aaron vlogged a bit of the night.

After feeling a little out of place all day (I was underdressed and plan to be again) it was good to be among friends – some new, but friends nonetheless.