IE21C Day 1

Day 1 was long but good. The blogging workshop went really well. There was good energy in the room and the panel was really clicking. We got lots of good questions and were able to talk about wide range of topics.

The networking dinner was fun- I got a chance to talk with Aaron Flores about vlogging. As we are both ‘multimedia’ bloggers we really clicked and had a good conversation about technical challanges and the future of the a/v blosphere.

My first Podcasting worshop went… ok.

I had some issues:

  • I forgot to print off my notes, so I did it from memory.
  • I hadn’t really given it a full run through… so I didn’t spend my time well- too much tech not enough ‘vision’ and I still ran late
  • People didn’t have my handout (my bad- I handed it in late)

The tech demos had some bugs:

  • Audioblogger wasn’t posting to Blogger (at least not in a timely manner)
  • Ipodder didn’t like my FeedBurner converted (Atom->RSS 2.0) feed from blogger
  • WordPress 1.5 didn’t automatically add an enclosure element like it’s supposed to (I think?!)
  • I didn’t realize the projector had a decent speaker so I didn’t hook it up… thus people couldn’t hear my podcast demo (it really needs to be heard for full effect!)

Tomorrow will be better, I promise!

But, in the end, I got applause and some interested people. Hopefully we’ll see some new podcasts come out of this conference. Perhaps they’ll all be vloggers after Aaron’s workshop tommorrow (which I’m looking forward to attending).