Arrived in Charlotte… barely

So I had this premonition/vision/whatever that I would be stopped by airport security… because of my T-shirt (a creative communist shirt from Giant Robot).

I was stopped by airport security, but not for my T-shirt. I was stopped, because I forgot I had my leatherman in my backpack. Understandably, they were a bit concerned that I had multiple 3 inch blades in my backpack, but it was an honest mistake. I’m told my honest mistake, if repeated, could cost me 4 digits (money, not fingers).

By the grace of God (I think) my shirt had funk on it (thanks for noticing John) so I changed. I think that may have saved my butt, as I barely made my plane. Trying to explain the complexities of copyleft, creative commons, Bill Gates, and the current state of intellectual property rights to a TSA worker would have taken awhile.

So anyways, I’m here at my good friend Steve’s house blogging on borrowed WiFi and my battery is dying, so I’m going to end it here. Tomorrow morning we head to Lynchburg for the conference. Stay tuned…