Memos from Hell

This article “Memos from Hell” made me mad. I understand the gist of what Ray is trying to say here: don’t be decieved or discouraged by the enemy. I totally agree. The example he uses, though, I take issue with…

Some time ago I [Ray Comfort] suggested to Kirk’s sister, Candace (from “Full House”), that we publish her testimony as a gospel tract. She was excited about the concept, but she explains what came her way the same day as the suggestion:

“I had just spoken to 5,000 teenage girls at a youth conference. I shared my testimony using God’s Law to show them our need for the Savior. I felt great about the event and felt encouraged to continue to share my faith at conferences and churches around the country. When I got home, Ray sent me an email and said, “Let’s do a tract for you. We’ll have some ‘Full House’ pictures, your testimony, and a gospel message on it.” I was excited about this idea and thought it would be another wonderful tool for me to use in sharing my faith.

No sooner did I hit the send button on my reply email to Ray that I received an incoming mail message. It was from a pastor at a church where I’d spoken earlier in the year. As he was encouraging me to share my testimony with others, he had a few thoughts he wanted to share as well: “People don’t need a tract that you give them . . . [Be] sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and not try to preach and condemn.”

My heart sank. I was incredibly discouraged. The timing could not have been more perfect. I was so bummed out after reading it, I didn’t know what to do. He was the last person I expected to hear those words from. As I realized it was Satan trying to discourage me in any way possible, I shook it off and wrote an email back telling him how important it is that we use the Law to draw people to Christ.”

No doubt other memos will come. They are a sign that we’re doing the right thing for the Kingdom of God. If we’re not getting attacked, it would mean that we’re not being effective for the Lord.

Ok, first off, a “Full House” tract? Seriously? Because we need more tracts. A testimony can be a powerful thing–reducing it to a slip of paper with a cheesy design is just a tragedy.

And yes, Ray, you can share your testiomny in the wrong way, you can ‘preach’ and condemn others in the process. I don’t know if that’s what Candace did, but to say that a what sounds like a gentle suggestion by a pastor is a “memo from Hell” is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

So Ray, and crew, here’s a gentle suggestion (or a “memo from Hell,” your call): remember that Love is what Jesus preached above all–Love for God and love for others.

Perhaps a “Full House” tract is not the most excellent way to share God’s love. And maybe, just maybe, those memos are from Heaven, not Hell.

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  • dan lukas Says:

    my favorite part is what ray says right after candice’s story… he basically says the link between our being attacked and doing god’s will is mathmatical, an if A then B sort of thing.

    “They are a sign that we’re doing the right thing for the Kingdom of God. If we’re not getting attacked, it would mean that we’re not being effective for the Lord.”

    so forget about god’s protection over his people. forget about natural circumstances on a fallen planet… i mean satan has time to send every christian memo’s…

    i have met ray. and kirk. nice guys… interesting guys. i will venture a guess that this tract/law = the best way to show god’s love to people isn’t the only difference you will find w/ them.

    what, then is, the most excellent way? cause that is my bump in the road here… they are out doing evangelism, and are being quite successful at it.

  • Nick Says:

    I think it’s merely a matter of balance. On one side is ooey, gooey, mushy Jesus will make your life better, and the other is harsh condemnation. The key is to find the balanace between the two. To call sin ‘sin’ and speak hope to broken and fallen people… in love.

    I have never met Ray, Kirk, or Candace. I am sure they are wonderful people and are doing much to advance the kingdom. I was merely commenting on the article and the lack of balance I saw expressed there… and the terrible title. I do not think the article sums up the whole of Ray’s ministry, just as this post does not sum up the whole of my thoughts on evangelism.

  • patsy Says:

    Dan, I think Ray, Kirk and Candace have success because of their roles as former tv/movie/music stars. In this superficial culture, that gives them an automatic in with people. And God makes use of them from there and hopefully, they are aware of that.

    For the rest of us “nobodies” we don’t have that easy luxury (and often those who do abuse it). There is no right/wrong way to do sincere evangelism. And in today’s culture I don’t think mass produced/replecated Billy Graham style events are gonna cut it much longer. I think the Lord is calling us to go hang out where the “sinners” are – in the bars and on the streets and at the festivals, etc… But not with little tracts (maybe after the fact for them to have something to hold on to) – but first and foremost by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11) Our own personal stories of our journies with God are going to draw them out of their lostness and personal hells. But we have to go out there and get them and bring them in – that’s probably our logistics problem at the time… Primarily we have to be desperately seeking to have stories to tell – religiosity is no story.

  • patsy Says:

    ps Nick:
    “And maybe, just maybe, those memos are from Heaven, not Hell.”
    well said.

  • kevin Says:

    from patsy:

    There is no right/wrong way to do sincere evangelism.

    I think I could come up with a few wrong ways to do evangelism. Just because you’re sincere doesn’t mean you’re right. 😉

  • Patsy Says:

    You’re probably right. I guess I was just thinking at the moment of those who have a clue. I am fortunate that my journey was paved with more genuine travelers than players. Hearing stories from people at bluer has shown me that people have suffered through some pretty flagrant asanine behavior going on in the name of God. No wonder America is in the basket its in…

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