The Un-Wisdom of the Church?

James Surowiecki just published a book on The Wisdom of Crowds. At a recent Emerging Technologies conference, he gave a speech about the “Un-Wisdom” of crowds and how herding and group think can dimish the intelligence of a group.

I think the parallels to the Church are potentially staggering here…

Have you ever met a Christian who seems to know only what they’ve read in Christian books and heard at conferences? Someone who switches their theology whenever they switch pastors, mentors, churches, etc.?

Are we as a Church getting collectively dumber or smarter? Do mega TV evangelists with devoted followers increase the knowledge of God and his Kingdom, or diminish it?

Are we all meant to be carbon copy Christians?

Just thinking out loud here folks, don’t burn me at the stake… yet. 😉

Read the Transcipt here