Dirty Water

On my way to my car this morning, I noticed a stream of water flowing along the floor of the large indoor garage area under my apartment building. It was coming from a car that had already been out in the snow and salt this morning and returned long enough ago that the snow had melted. The water was very dirty, partly from the dirt, muck, and salt that covers Minnesota roads during the winter, and partly from the garage floor.

For some reason I stopped and began watching the water slowly creep towards the drain. I was fascinated. It would bob, weave, pause, combine, split, then do it all over again; all in super slow motion. At times it would flow towards me, at a right angle to the drain, not getting any closer to it’s destination.

Suddenly, the stairway door opened an a woman came into the garage- she had one of those wireless ear pieces and was making a call on her cell phone. Feeling silly, I quickly walked to my car.

As I drove to work, my thoughts returned to the water. I thought about how tainted and dirty we get as we go through life. How we’re all trying to get to some destination. For the water, it was the drain, where it would eventually be cleaned, purifed and put back into use. For Christians, it is Jesus- the one who washes away our sins and gives us new life. For others, it is enlightenment… nirvana… getting high… whatever. So often though we get sidetracked, flowing towards anywhere but our goal. Some of us never make it to the goal… dry up… and just leave a stain.