Podcasting Kit

I’m not sure you need the condenser mic (a dynamic mic would be cheaper and not require AC power) but a good kit nonetheless.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking for high-quality gear that is also compact and affordable. This is our currently suggested podcasting kit. Note that you don’t need a computer in order to record your voice. The mic plugs into the preamp. The preamp plugs into the recording device’s line input, and the headphones plug into the recording device’s headphone jack. Only the preamp requires AC power. The recording device uses a single AA battery which lasts a long time.

Podcasting Kit

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  • Rob Sherry Says:


    Just dropped in at your site today.

    I’ve decided to go foe the task of Podcasting our church sermons, as well as conductinf interviews of Pastors in our area (South Bend, IN.).

    Very impressive to know that the first site I decided to go to under google search for Podcasting was of one a known person to be one of the first podcasters of Christian casting( #6?).

    Also most impressive is that guys like you and I can be used of God to spread the Good News of his word to all pople by way of Podcasting. (which is another invention of man sometimes (all the Time?) used unwisely.

    This note leaves you in the best regards and hope to hear a reply soon. Any suggestions for an 80’s guy who used to listen to cassette, and watch VHS movies all the time I would be appreciative.

    Bye for now, going surfing.


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