Influence of Web Pundits Raise Questions About Ethical Standards

The gist of the story: Bloggers should have ‘standards’ like journalists do.

So wait. Bloggers are journalists now? I thought we weren’t journalists?

Big media needs to make up it’s mind.

Here’s how I see it:

Bloggers = Writers

There are many types of writers: Journalists, Authors, Technical Writers, etc.

There are many types of bloggers.

So when we talk about standards we need to talk about segments of the blogosphere. And, we need to remember that unlike an article in the New York Times… you should never believe anything you read on a random website, or blog, or whatever. Some would say not to believe anythign you read in the times, but that’s a other issue.

So here’s a crazy thought: Instead of a universal one size fits all standard, how about each blogger discloses their standards? If they have none, you know that (and can filter accordingly). You don’t assume that because they work for Big Paper X that they have standards (Jayson Blair anyone?), they tell you right there what they are coming from.

Ok, my hands are tired. I’m going to stop now.

Influence of Web Pundits Raise Questions About Ethical

Discolosures: I am a blogger and I have been known to be wrong. This is my opinion and it is biased. Get over it.