God on the iPod

Another podcasting article mentions bluer. Funny how in an entire interview about podcasting and bluer… I’m quoted for my brief tangent on… money and televangelists. (sigh)

Nick Ciske, media coordinator for Minneapolis Vineyard Church, also called Bluer church, said, ”It takes a lot of money to run a TV show, it takes millions of dollars, and it seems a lot of the focus is on money. Podcasting is basically free. There is never a mention of asking for money. There’s no need.”

The last line makes it sound like podcasting allows the “church of me” to go even further.

”You can get your dose of your worship service when you want it, not necessarily when it’s taking place,” Rainie said.

I certainly hope no one is skipping church because they can catch the podcast. Church is so much more than the sermon!

God on the iPod Salt Lake Tribune – USA