GodBlogCon 1/2

Steve Knight has dubbed the IE21C conference as GodBlogCon 1/2 in reference to the actual GodBlogCon in LA this October. I wish I could make it to both but I think I’ll just stick with my 3 sessions in Lynchburg… this… April… holy crap! That’s in less than a month!

I still have to:

  • Buy a Laptop
  • Sell my desktop
  • Prep my podcasting workshop
  • Pack

Ugh. My hectic life.

3 Responses to “GodBlogCon 1/2”

  • Tim Bednar Says:

    What do you think of Jeff Jarvis’ comments about not fitting in there…

  • Nick Says:

    Well, I don’t know if I’d fit in at GodBlogCon either, but I’m not going due to lack of vacation and finances, not idealogical reasons.

    I’m not sure I’ll fit in at Lynchburg, but I’ve been asked to come share my thoughts… and do that I will. At no point have they asked me to walk a party line or avoid any subjects (time will tell) so I’m going.

    As for Jeff Jarvis, I have to disagree with some of his points, as I think too much Howard Stern is bad for the soul. But I find it odd that he’d skip the convention. It’s that kind of isolationism that keeps the Church (big C) as divided as it is.

    We all have different ideas an opions, but we are also tied to together by a bond of blood – Jesus’ blood, which crosses all lines. Maybe if we spent more time with each other… we’d all learn a thing or two?

    My 2 cents.

  • dan Says:

    dude, you are gonna buy a notebook? you going apple?

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