Feb 13 2005

Referral log finds

I just stumbled onto this post about my Mission Mexico 2004 pictures.

In the process I found the LiveJournals of a bunch of the Vineyard Champaign kids who were on the trip. Gotta love referral logs 😉

Michael (Satan in the drama)

Audrey (River’s friend)




Rivers (looks abandoned tho)

Feb 12 2005

Crafting + God = Alt.Worship?

Crafting is experiencing a resurgence… but it isn’t your parent’s idea of crafting….

Alt.Worship is a growing movement in houses of worship… but it isn’t your parent’s idea of worship…

Is there a connection? Is a generation that’s sick of consuming (things and religion) expressing it through… crafting (creating) for God?

I think so. I think it’s the same underlying movement. It’s the rebel yell of a generation that ‘runs with scissors’ and wants to ‘rip, mix, and burn‘ our common culture.

Cases in point:
The pixilator would make a great alt.worship station.

The Jesus collage bluer created last year could just as easily have been a bunch of craftsters doing a community project (some web designers do this like this as well).

I could go on…

It makes sense really — we are created in the image of God, he is the ultimate creator.

Creation is worship, perhaps the most pure form of worship we can engage in…

So my question is: are you a consumer… or a creator at heart?

Feb 10 2005

GodPod = #18 google search result for billy graham!

Rock. on. Go Billy Graham iPod (GodPod)!


Feb 10 2005

88 cent songs, 0 DRM, 100% legal

Only indies at the moment… but thank goodness someone has the guts to show the RIAA/music industry how music should be sold online.


Feb 8 2005

Christian Cruises?

I recieved two invites today for seperate Christian Cruises on two different broadcast email lists.

Apparently there is even a company that just does … Premier Christian Cruises… ok…

What is going on here? Is it wrong to think there is something out of whack here? Consumerization of Chrisitanity anyone?

I understand the need to get away… and perhaps take a cruise from time to time, but this concept just doesn’t sit right with me.

As my friend Dan said: “oh crap. that is absolutely disgusting. absolutely. ew.”

I have to agree.

Worship At Sea

Music Boat 2005

Feb 8 2005

Yet Another podcasting article

A good overview of the idea and explanation of how it got started.

Podcasting Brings Radio Production to Masses, Choice to Listeners