Crafting + God = Alt.Worship?

Crafting is experiencing a resurgence… but it isn’t your parent’s idea of crafting….

Alt.Worship is a growing movement in houses of worship… but it isn’t your parent’s idea of worship…

Is there a connection? Is a generation that’s sick of consuming (things and religion) expressing it through… crafting (creating) for God?

I think so. I think it’s the same underlying movement. It’s the rebel yell of a generation that ‘runs with scissors’ and wants to ‘rip, mix, and burn‘ our common culture.

Cases in point:
The pixilator would make a great alt.worship station.

The Jesus collage bluer created last year could just as easily have been a bunch of craftsters doing a community project (some web designers do this like this as well).

I could go on…

It makes sense really — we are created in the image of God, he is the ultimate creator.

Creation is worship, perhaps the most pure form of worship we can engage in…

So my question is: are you a consumer… or a creator at heart?