The Daker Spreads

Got an email about the Daker video tonight…

My name is not John Daker. But I love the video. As far as I can tell you are the only website left on the internet that has the daker video. And you’re definantly the only site I’ve ever seen that had the entire show. I’m just curious whether or not you were the guy that originally encoded the video or not. I found it a long time ago on the relevant forums and have wanted to see the rest of the video since that time. I’m glad it’s finally out there.
Also because of the fact that you had the video posted as a bittorrent file and since that’s the only copy currently in google’s
index. I have decided to host the video on my webserver as well. I’ve actually split the full length show into segments with each person. The original thread on the relevant forums is long gone now so I am trying to figure out if you were the original poster of the file or not. If not where did you get this video?

In Christ,
Matt Crawford

I believe am the ‘encoder’ of any Daker files out on the web, I have not seen any others besides mine. My videos are made from the VHS tape (a 2nd generation copy I think, not sure) provided by my friend Blaine who probably posted a link to Exivus (see below) on the Relevant boards.

Exivus posted it about a year ago (just the Daker segment).

I put the Daker segment on SuprNova a while back… but didn’t think anything came of it.

Another friend swears he saw the video on a tour bus while touring with “The Lundstroms” …

Update: One more sighting on the Youth Specialties site.

The real mystery is: who is John Daker, where was the video filmed, and are any of them still alive/around? No answers there yet (Google is no help).

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  • Steve K. Says:

    I’ve got the original RealVideo file you encoded, Nick, over here on my site:

    Our mutual friend Russel (the original purveyor of the Daker VHS tape) owns, and I was hoping he’d point the URL to my page, but alas, no dice … yet …

  • kablaine Says:

    how did youth specialties get it?! it looks like that was part of an event in may ’03, before i moved to charlotte and gave the video to ken vuncannon for


  • Nick Says:

    Well there’s at least 1 other copy in the wild (see Lundstrom comment) so YS could have used that copy… or there is 3…

  • Matt Says:

    Well sadly the lady we all thought was Reva Insicker turns out to be Reva Unsicker. She was formerly Mrs. Reva Singley Cooper. She was born on June 30, 1915. And she went to be with the Lord on August 5, 1995.

    Thank you to Tonya, one of the people on the original video for giving me a ton of information about the video. Unfortunantly she asked me to remove her from my site.

  • Mark Says:

    I just think this guy is the GREATEST! He’s the modern day Andy Kaughman. Or accidently so.. who knows. Either way, I’d like to know if John Daker himself is aware that this video of him is out there. I hope he’s not upset about it. He looks like a very nice guy. I would pay him good money to perform a set, to open up for my band.

  • Doug Says:

    Thanks to you all and to John Daker himself. Has anyone sent this clip to Leno or Letterman yet? I think it will be legendary. I laugh harder each time. Gotta love this guy…..

  • Gina Says:

    There are more concerts on video. I made copies from the actual airing of these concerts which were dubbed by some of my friends. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen his performance of the Woody Woodpecker Song. A group of us attended a Reva concert at the local mall and had our photos taken with John Daker (we called him Woody). I threw away all of my stuff after Reva passed away, but I know 3 people who most likely possess copies.
    If you look in the Peoria Journal Star archives there was an blurb about how her second husband (Charles Unsicker) was arrested for beating her with a telephone. “She just wouldn’t shut up…” or something like that was his reason.
    A large group of us used to hold a “Revafest” each time a new concert aired. We had even nicknamed the group singers “Choir of the Damned”. Ah, the good old days!

  • greg Says:

    YES! The Woody Woodpecker Song! My wife and I taped this show when it first aired in Peoria back sometime in 1990. she started screaming for me to come into the TV room…we searched frantically for a blank tape and managed to push record before the show had gone too far. While his other tunes are note worthy…uhm…maybe just worthy…it’s his version of The Woody Woodpecker song that truly showcases this man’s talent.
    And…we still have the tape! Somewhere…as soon as I locate it, I’ll transfer it to digital (somehow) and get it uploaded…oh the joy that will soon be spread throughout the world!

  • Nately Says:

    Oh man, if Daker singing 2 serious songs is sheer hilarity, I can’t wait to see him sing the Woody Woodpecker Theme.

    Do you need help searching your house for that tape?

    Anyone know if George “Gonna sing a Jolson song” Stanton is still with us?

  • SamGoertz Says:

    Please, oh please, give us more Daker!
    Me and everyone else I have showed this video to.

  • Nick Says:

    I wish I could, but I’m fresh out of Daker.

  • Nately Says:

    I’m wondering if life is worth living anymore.

    Ok, so does anyone know where these people are now?

    I’d imagine a few of them are dead.

  • Chris Says:

    Seriously, we need the woody woodpecker song. I also think we need to track down John Daker and see what he’s doing now….thats not stalking at all….noooo.

  • scott h Says:


    Encode the woody woodpecker performance PRONTO.

  • Jessica Says:

    I keep watching it over and over.
    I took a digital picture off the computer and put it in a frame in my 9 year old son’s room – to his horror. He promptly threw it on the floor.
    Then I inserted the same picture in his homework book – a full 8 x 10 of Daker- and he was shocked to find it when he turned in his homework.
    I may be immature- but I was laughing so hard thinking of his reaction.

  • Jeff Says:

    Holy Crap! you have to encode that woody woodpecker song! You will be my new hero!

  • lisa Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find the Woody Woodpecker song!!!!!!! Now that I know it’s out there, I won’t be able to function well until I see it!!!!! Matt- please put it on your site as soon as you get it!!!! Share the love, people!!!!!!!!

  • Don and Bart Says:

    We are two of the friends that attened Gina’s Revafest. Indeed
    those were the good ole days and it it true John’s finest moment was the woody wood Pecker song. There was also Metrone Man … and the queen of hearts played by Riva on the jjazz organ that was alos a treat. doot doot doot … and last but not least Reva jazz organ solo. doot doot dootl

    Cheers to John and Reva

  • Nately Says:

    I know it’s been said, but this is worth it.

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE encode the Woody Wodpecker song………and anythign else you have!

    This stuff is like crack!!! SAVE ME!!!!

  • Karl Says:

    I tracked down a Jon Daker in Peoria Ill, or at least there is someone who has utilites by that name, oh and an unlisted number.
    I have shown this clip to every living person I know and a few I just met. Gotta have the woody song though.
    Greg, why not find it tonight?

  • Ollie Says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a John Daker fetish 😉

    From the opening “My name is John Daker” to the final “amore”, I was totally hooked.
    John, if you ever read this – you are a legend amongst men

    That woody woodpecker video sounds like it might be worth a view 😉

  • j Says:

    please lord get us the woodpecker song

  • Greg Williams Says:

    It appears that this line of discussion was dropped without any definite word about the fabled Woody Woodpecker video. Has anyone heard anything new in the past few months?

  • Nick Says:

    I have not. Someone comes along every few months asking about it, but no video ever materializes…

  • Crazy Says:

    just get it to me. whatever it takes

  • Joel Says:

    I know John. He’s a cool guy.

  • Nick Says:

    A Tampa Tribune reporter has emailed me asking about John Daker.

    If you know him, have seen him live, on TV and would like to talk to the reporter, leave a comment (make sure to enter your email) and I’ll send you his information.

  • Gina Says:

    Nick- I got your email & will contact the Tampa paper. I have a POSSIBLE source for the Woody tape (& all the concerts). The person who made all the copies just moved back to Peoria & I know how to reach him. I would not be surprised if he still has them.

    There was one of the “cult” members who actually stalked John Daker & George Stanton & took photos of them. (he happened to see them at a bus stop in front of the agency where mentally disabled people are employed). I thought that was in poor taste & did not keep the copies he gave me. I didn’t realize there was still so much interest. I actually came to know 2 of the singers (never told them about the tapes) very well.

    One guy on the tape (Alan Gilette) earned the moniker “Metronome Man”. He had the habit of swaying side to side during his performances. We would watch the tape on FF and he looked like a human metronome.

  • TheSuz Says:

    Gina, oh man, I must see that woody woodpecker tape!

    Please give the desperate people of this world what they need more than food — John Daker!

  • JeffyT Says:

    I love this guy!
    The remixes are great too. How is he? What does he think about all the attention?

    Woody please!

  • George Stanton Says:


    Important notice to all Dakerites: Our beloved John Daker is alive and well. Watch him here, recreating his greatest musical triumph ever

    The Dake Rules!

  • KevinE Says:

    The old links and the torrent are dead…can you post a new one?

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