The Daker Spreads

Got an email about the Daker video tonight…

My name is not John Daker. But I love the video. As far as I can tell you are the only website left on the internet that has the daker video. And you’re definantly the only site I’ve ever seen that had the entire show. I’m just curious whether or not you were the guy that originally encoded the video or not. I found it a long time ago on the relevant forums and have wanted to see the rest of the video since that time. I’m glad it’s finally out there.
Also because of the fact that you had the video posted as a bittorrent file and since that’s the only copy currently in google’s
index. I have decided to host the video on my webserver as well. I’ve actually split the full length show into segments with each person. The original thread on the relevant forums is long gone now so I am trying to figure out if you were the original poster of the file or not. If not where did you get this video?

In Christ,
Matt Crawford

I believe am the ‘encoder’ of any Daker files out on the web, I have not seen any others besides mine. My videos are made from the VHS tape (a 2nd generation copy I think, not sure) provided by my friend Blaine who probably posted a link to Exivus (see below) on the Relevant boards.

Exivus posted it about a year ago (just the Daker segment).

I put the Daker segment on SuprNova a while back… but didn’t think anything came of it.

Another friend swears he saw the video on a tour bus while touring with “The Lundstroms” …

Update: One more sighting on the Youth Specialties site.

The real mystery is: who is John Daker, where was the video filmed, and are any of them still alive/around? No answers there yet (Google is no help).