First E-Bay Auction

Update: It sold in 2 hours. I guess my ‘Buy it Now’ price was, well, too good to pass up. I should’ve set it higher… then again I don’t want the thing, so good riddance!

I finally took the plunge and listed something on E-Bay.

It’s an External Iomega Zip 100 USB Drive I don’t need anymore. We’ll see if anyone bites.

It took much longer than I expected. With photography, weighing it, figuring out box dimensions, and specifying a billion options I’m not sure I will earn minimum wage on this thing, if it even sells!

Oh well, it’s good practive for the day when my box of Billy Graham stuff will sell… 😉

3 Responses to “First E-Bay Auction”

  • Kevin Says:

    I usually offer Priority Mail shipping only, which gives you a much better idea of what the final price will be, and the post office will give you free boxes. Very nice when you’re shipping lots of stuff.

  • Nick Says:

    Yeah, but media mail is so cheap! And, coincidentally, that’s what the buyer chose, so, well I guess it was a good option to offer.

  • Kevin Says:

    Who cares if it’s cheap–you’re not the one paying for it! Priority mail also has the advantage of being fast (2-3 days), which makes eBayers happy. Half my positive comments are about how fast the shipping was, which is kind of stupid because they paid for that fast shipping. But hey, I’ll take it!

    Seems like my 100 MB ZIP drive went for about $15. Mine was an older version and didn’t have all the disks. It seems like it might have gone buy it now, too, though I think it took a few days.

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