Jan 25 2005

Tokyo Streets

The Japanese are very… creative… these photos were taken in Harajuku where all the hip kids dress in the latest fashions ans walk around waiting to be seen and photographed.

Tokyo Streets – a photoset on Flickr

Jan 25 2005

Google Video Search

Google video search launches… well, kinda. You can search recent TV shows content. Maybe they should call it TV search instead?

You get stills and a transcript of the show where your search term is mentioned, which is very cool… but no actual video.

Here’s what blew my mind though: they indexed the infomercials!

Fun stuff.

Google Video Search: Extreme

Jan 25 2005


Wow. These are some crazy ads.

It appears, in the future (according to this advertising company), morals are forbidden and will get you killed. Somehow that doesn’t make me want to buy jeans…


Jan 24 2005

Latin Sayings

Fun latin saying to confound and amuse your friends!

Veni, Vidi, Dormivi… zzzzz…

Latin Sayings

Jan 24 2005

Net addicts unite!

We now have a term to identify our suffering!

Netlag – The unfortunate physical side-effects of being online for an extended period of time. According to The chronicle of Higher Education, “the condition resembles jetlag, but can also entail eye and muscle strain”.

ITworld.com – The language of e-business: 10 tech terms from 2004

Jan 23 2005



Originally uploaded by codini.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone sledding, but with the huge snowfall we recieved Friday and Saturday, I decided to get back on the sled, so to speak.

It was a blast! Not too cold (layers) except when the wind kicked up.

I am really out of shape.