Aplus.net = Evil

I got a call at work today, on my personal cell phone. It was from a nice lady at Aplus.net that couldn’t say my name. They were just wondering if I was needed web hosting or a custom web site built? No harm in that right?


How did they get my cell phone? Well they raped my WHOIS data that’s how. If you own a domain name you are required to provide contact info to the world which can be accessed by anyone. This allows the real owners of domains to be contacted if they are breaking laws, otherwise doing bad things, or an ownership issue arises, etc.

It’s not for increasing your sales!

So Aplus.net, I probably would have never used your service, but this has certainly sealed the deal. But they don’t care, they are probably raking in the cash from this little scam…

Goodby Aplus.net, hello Better Business Bereau, FCC, and ICANN complaints department.

Another innocent victim

More about Aplus’ (sometimes illegal) tactics


  • Complained to ICANN… like that will help.
  • Found they’ve been doing this for at least a year.
  • Put my cell on the Do Not Call list (can’t complain to the FCC as I wasn’t on it yet)
  • Went to the corporate site, talked to 3 sales/support people via their instant help chat system. The first two didn’t want to talk, the third humored me, but wouldn’t give me Ivan’s (the CEO) phone number. Apparently he gets mine but I can’t get his. That’s not playing fair.