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I had to write a bio for a conference I’m going to be speaking at in April. I’m on a blogging panel discussion tenatively titled Blogging: The Citizen’s Media” Revolution.

Here’s my feeble attempt to make myself sound important and intelligent so people come to the session, although I have a feeling the word blog in the title will pack it out regardless…

Nick Ciske has been staring at a computer screen for most of his young life. Starting with Apple Basic in 4th grade, he’s been programming ever since. After a 5 year stint at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he’s now managing web development for Bethany Press (a major Christian book printer in Bloomington, Minn.). As a freelance developer he has worked for such clients as Carmichael Lynch and Highway Video. He is also the media coordinator and webmaster for bluer, an emergent Vineyard Church in Minneapolis which has been featured in the New York Times and NPR. He also maintains his blog, portfolio site (, and a bunch of other sites as well as coercing many of his friends and co-workers (some kicking and screaming) into the blogosphere. His church was one of the first to podcast its weekly sermon, and he started producing original podcasts in January of 2005.

PS- Yes that is the most mundane entry title I’ve ever used. The juices just ain’t flowing at the moment…

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  • Kevin Says:

    It’s not as bad as you make it sound. I think it’s pretty decent. That long list of techie experience actually makes you sound much older. 😉

    Just a few proofreading things:
    -should have a comma after Bloomington (and proper AP style would abbreviate Minnesota as Minn.)
    -who’s Joyce Maier? No link?
    -New York Times should be italicized
    -“shuffles bits” is a little awkward
    -drop the and, use a comma: …on his blog, portfolio site (, and a bunch of other sites…
    -podcast its weekly sermon, not it’s

    I think that’s a fairly decent bio. Tells us a lot about who you are. Though I’m not so sure you can expect the word blog to draw big crowds. It might depend on the crowd and the competing discussions (and the panel), but Steve and I didn’t exactly draw much of a crowd when we had blog in the title of our presentation at EPA 2004. Maybe a tech crowd will respond a little better.

    Nice going, by the way, being invited to the panel.

  • Nick Says:

    Thanks for the edit!

    Changes made. I dropped Joyce Maier, the site I worked on is no longer around and I don’t really want to link to her main site (gag).

    I think ‘blog’ will draw a crowd at this conference as many attendees will be college students and younger folk. Most of the EPA is well… a bit out of touch with the net (IMHO), so I’m not surprised they didn’t flock in. Also the blogosphere has gained alot of momentum in the last 6 months (Rathergate among others).

  • djchuang Says:

    look forward to the conference and the panel discussion, it’ll be a good interaction! i’m surprised that an internet conference has not yet generated more buzz and more conversations online beforehand 🙂

  • Jayson Franklin Says:

    sweet how do you get to be on such cool things! I’ve been blogging for years. no one reads, but hey is that they point?

  • Nick Says:

    It’s all about who you know 😉

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