I dream of Curry

Last night I had a dream… a dream about Adam Curry.


I was in a Starbucks (one in a larger store, like a Target). Adam was behind the counter when I got up there to order my Tall Carmel Frappacino. I ordered it with an odd French kind of accent and Adam commented on that. Then he left the counter and headed into the store. I followed after him (leaving my drink) to say hi. I did the typical fanboy line “I love your podcast and listen to it everyday.” I told him I’d be starting my own soon.

I then followed him around the store a bit. He had sunglasses on and two of those blind person canes, on in each hand. He seemed a little out of it, and knocked some stuff off a shelf and dropped his bag. Inside was an RC battery still in the package. He muttered something about needing a way to get things out of there in winter. Then I grabbed a fishing pole off the rack (I don’t fish). He went to look at something farther away and I went to follow, then Adam just left the store. I tried to follow, but the alarm went off (sound, lights, the works) so I instead went and paid for my drink.

Then I woke up and wrote this post.

My interpretation?
I listened to the Daily Source Code yesterday morning, scraped wallpaper at a friend’s(who happens to manage a Starbucks) house all day (exhausting work), and had too much Honey Weiss late last night.