Gotta get me one of these!

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  • Steve K. Says:

    I love the silhouette of Billy with the trademark white headphones! Beautiful.

  • Kevin Says:

    The ‘heaven blue’ click wheel. Yeah.

    ‘Eternal’ battery life. Oh yeah.

    You are a genius Nick.

  • Monkey Outta Nowhere Says:

    The God Pod
    Move over, U2. It’s Billy’s turn: The iPod Billy Graham Special Edition. (link via Nick Ciske, my hero)…

  • dan Says:

    ooh ooh ooh. i got to get me one.
    pray. pray. pray.

  • kablaine Says:

    awesomely great. i give it up to 5,000 pew-pews in my pocket.

  • dave Says:

    Pardon my french, but screw Billy (can I say that without going to hell?). The real thing that sells this for me is the packed-in tracks from George Beverly Shea. Does Bev (as I like to call him) hide his sissy middle name under a bushel? No, he lets it shine, wearing it on his sleave. The guy is nothing less than an inspiration, and it’s a dang shame that kids these days, what with their Skillets and Plank Eyes and Starflyers and Godsmacks can’t appreciate a good songmaster like Bev.

    Marketing suggestion: package in one of those candles that smells like Jesus (see Kevin’s blog) so you can listen to Bev and smell the Messiah at the same time. It’s the closest to heaven we’ll get this side of eternity.

  • Church Marketing Sucks Says:

    Think Different: The God Pod
    What if the church explored the same cross-promotional efforts as U2, arguably the biggest rock band in the world? You might come up with the God Pod. Yes, it’s a tongue-in-cheek question, but what if the church really did think outside the box when …

  • tk Says:

    heh, that’s awesome

  • wise guy from ireland Says:

    whoever made the apple webpage is a genius. you truely fooled me, i was about to order one ….. or not

  • bono Says:

    i would have loved one as well.

  • louis hemmings Says:

    i am going to link to you in my used theological books newsletter going out weekly to 2,500 opt-in subscribers worldwide.

    as we say here in ireland, fair play to ya!

    – louis

  • Number 2 Says:

    A new religion for the God Pod Generation. Let joy into your life. iPray.org.uk

  • Deb Says:

    A fitting parody for these Christian [End] Times. But I think it needs a special little light on it that shines. “This little ‘pod of mine; I’m gonna’ let it shine….”

  • Rick Says:

    Nick your too funny. The clincher was you putting it on bluer’s website. I love how you didn’t just leave the text the same.

  • dpma Says:

    i LOVE it.. Seriously, the silhouette with the ear buds was awesome!

  • starsalzman Says:

    yay nothing special. but still its original

  • Jym Says:

    Totally creative! I love the links to Billy’s website. He deserves an IPOD.

  • Smoothe Says:

    The NEW GOD POD is ready to ROCK THE WORLD

    About to be launched in March 2005. To see a sample device visit http://www.smoothetalk.com/g-pod.htm?

    A new concept called the WORDMIX is about to in be launched in March 2005 …. The WORDMIX tracks will be featured on the new GOD POD device …… To hear sample inspirational tracks that may feature on the GOD POD visit http://www.smoothetalk.com/inspire.htm

    This is one of the most awesome communication medias to hit the church in the 21st Century.

  • ryan Says:

    flippin’ hilarious

  • Kevin Says:

    That is hilarious. I have to admit you had me going until I noticed the web address wasn’t Apple.

  • sarah Says:

    omg! I wish there was Godpod. for a split second i was thinking ‘omg i definitely need to get this!’ what a huge disappointment! aww
    i love my ipod too!

  • luke lengl Says:

    clever…clever…i got a good laugh out of that…

  • Jmia Says:

    I love this! I was actually a little disturbed that I didn’t come across this Billy Graham iPod before I purchased mine! This is a God idea! Awesome

  • Gee Says:

    Billy… still a man of integrity…I am glad this was not true.
    But it sure looked real and fooled me.

  • Sandy Says:

    This would have been awesome…in a way. I believed it
    and then I didn’t, and then I believed it, and then I didn’t.
    Basically…you confused the heck out of me, but it was fun.
    Too bad it’s not real. I think a lot would sell, especially if they were pre-programmed with his sermons and with gospel music.


  • Marcus Says:

    Nice design on the Billy Graham iPod:D I just wondered what program did you use when you draw it?

  • BUDDY Says:





  • CHUMPY Says:

    I think that it was a neat idea, however I dont like the comments that are supposed to be jokes. Some of them are hurtful, and I really think that your hard work you put in this should have been used somewhere else. i wish i could meet this guy:

    dave Says:

    December 22nd, 2004 at 3:04 pm
    Pardon my french, but screw Billy (can I say that without going to hell?).

    Chumpy: we would have some words and then some. let me know if you ever down in the southeast dave you can swing by my house.

  • Frank, Glasgow Says:

    Let us ‘play’! 😉 The Church should think outside the box more and re-vamp its stuffy image. Interesting conversation point, so convincing -well done!

  • Graham Tchividjian Says:

    Iam family with Billy Graham and it would be incredible if there was a way to get a poster like that. Even if you had to make it, we will pay you. I think it would be great to show him. Absolutely hilarious!! You most certainly fooled me until I clicked on the Ipod. Great!!

    So, if you could email me so I can give you some more information on myself so you know I am telling the truth. I gave you my email when I sent the first comment earlier. I showed some family and they all said I should try to contact you about the poster. Thanks buddy


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