Goodbye Movable Type…

Hello WordPress… and Kubrick (the new template this site uses).

Mmmmm… I like the Kubrick. Enough to switch blogging software… after…

  • Unsucessfully trying to upgrade to MT 3.1
  • Sucessfully installing MT 3.1 from scratch
  • Installing the ‘Kubrick on MT’ port and being disappointed (not complete)

It took all stinking night, but now I’m happy 😉

I still need to relink all the images in posts (except for Flickr posts) so bear with me. Oh, and sorry for breaking all the links/trackbacks to my blog… ugh. It had to be done.

OK, I put back all the static files from my MT blog- links should still work… however please link to this blog from now on (and update your links if it’s convienient).

If you were subscribed to my old RSS feed, here’s the new one:

6 Responses to “Goodbye Movable Type…”

  • dan Says:

    dang… that is a sweet picture. who took it, and where did they take it???

    oh yeah, that was me.

  • Nick Says:

    I thought I took that picture. With your camera… but hmmm… maybe you did. It’s been awhile (over 2 years, yikes!)

    I’m going to building a random header switcher soon to showcase more of… my… photography.

    Hmmm… I swear I took that picture.

  • Kevin Says:

    Why the switch away from MT? I’m just curious to hear the rationale and what you like/don’t like about your new set up.

  • Nick Says:

    + 5 minute install: Literally 5 minutes. MT installs are a nightmare compared to Word Press. It took me more than 5 minutes to FTP the MT files.
    + Kubrick Skin: will modify, but a good solid starting point
    PHP- I know PHP way better than PERL, which means I can hack the source if I want
    +Dynamic updating: (no more rebuilding!) MT 3.0 added this, but it’s an odd mix between PERL/PHP/HTML. Wasn’t impressed

    – Can’t delete comments at work (some stupid referrer thing)
    – WordPress is not as mature as MT
    – Support forums can be amazingly unhelpful at times
    – Still getting used to how WordPress does stuff (just different)

  • Kevin Says:

    I have noticed there appears to be no link back to the homepage. Makes navigation a bit hard.

    But it looks cool.

  • Nick Says:

    The header now links back to the homepage.

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