The Daker Torrent Test

Curses! Blocked by the firewall! I’ll try to get the kinks hammered out…



I’m testing this new thing called blog torrent. It makes it easy to set-up a BitTorrent tracker and share large files without killing my bandwidth.

Anyways, I thought I test it out with the wonderful “Daker video” which I know some of you are aware of.

If you’re not aware, just watch it–it’s hilarious. I’d suggest sampling the smaller files then going for the full video if you like it.

So if you have a sec, hop on over and download your choice of videos. If you don’t know what BitTorrent is, just click the “Easy Download” link and install the program when it asks you to.*

Oh, and feel free to pass on this URL, the more the merrier (and the faster the downloads).


*Mac users, it’ll tell you how to install BitTorrent, no Mac easy download… yet.

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  • Chad Says:

    I see that the torrent seems to be long gone. Any chance of you re-posting the full public access show in its entirety again? Its all the over internet in pieces, but no one seems to have it all in one shot. Maybe like a Google Docs or upload? Anything!

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