Dec 31 2004

Is this thing on?

I finally had a chance to sit down and play with my new audio set-up today.

The MXL vocal condenser mic sounds great. The sound board works wonderfully and I’m really just overjoyed at the quality of gear I got for such low prices (thanks for the help Dan!).

In fact, I have a 5 minute clip of a test reading of Alice in Wonderland (full audio book coming soon!). Warning: this is raw, unedited and unrehearsed. The final product will be much better produced. Stay tuned to the end for some kitty hijinks.

Dec 29 2004

iTunes: 80 cent tracks

In case you’ve missed it, Amazon has a great deal – buy 4 $15 itunes cards – get 5th card free – so in essence you get 75 tracks for $60 bucks. It ends 1/2/05 so hurry.

I’m not a huge fan of pay-to-download music. I prefer to buy CDs and rip them or download RIAA free music (FRIAA – pronounced ‘Free-Ah’) but I figure somebody out there might dig this.

via Matthew

Dec 28 2004

It’s better than bad it’s BLOG

Freewheeling bloggers can boost your product—or destroy it. Either way, they’ve become a force business can’t afford to ignore.

A few notes for FORTUNE:

  1. When you mention a blog, link it for crying out loud
  2. NewsGator gets a mention in the paragraph about RSS (no mention of ATOM), not BlogLines (the most popular feed reader).
  3. Ummm… links again. Mena’s pricing post? How about links to blogging tools? How about a mention of WordPress… the software most people switched to when MT 3.0 came out?

I realize that it’s a print article on a web site, but seriously folks, it’s just ironic that an article about the power of the interconnected blogosphere has zero links to the blogosphere.

Technology – Why There’s No Escaping the Blog – FORTUNE

Dec 23 2004

johnny staccato

He’s smooth on the ivories, hot on the trigger and cool in a jam…

His real name is Jeremy Messersmith and he is a pretty dang good song writer and musician. Head over to and listen to Novicane (make sure to rate it!).

If you like it, download a bunch more tracks from While you’re there, read his blog, it’s very entertaining.

You can see pictures from a recent show on my Flickr site.

Dec 22 2004

Radio/Podcasting Tips

Transom- A Showcase & Workshop for New Public Radio
Made for public radio, but has great tips and tools from gear to techniques to inspiration. Submit your work and possibly get on NPR.

Radio Diaries: handbook
Written for “audio journalers” but the tips apply to anyone doing their own audio show. I know PodCasting is supposed to by the masses for the masses, but I wish more people would nail down the basics. Poor recording quality is not indie or raw it’s just hard to listen to.

Dec 21 2004

TechTV Video Clip

My binary converter has been on TechTV twice. I just found a video clip of the second mention.

It’s so cool so see my little web site on TV. Wow.

What started as a joke now gets me 2000 visitors a day and pays for my web hosting many times over (thank you Google!).

You can watch it on the G4TechTV site.