D&D changed the world?

I tried to play D&D a few times, but we never really got very far. We’d spend so much time creating the perfect character, going to the bathroom, getting pop and chips, and trying to coax more friends over that we mover really got anywhere. It was a lot like the this actually.

However, I still loved every minute. For me the creation of a character, the beginning of a story – that was fun!

We did play HeroQuest (a board game loosely based on D&D) successfully many times. After a bit though, I started trying to extend and add to the hero quest game by painting the figurines and making new boards and cards.

I don’t think D&D was the sole change agent, but it was part of a new renaissance that we are still in.

A rediscovery that we are creators.

That we are not just consumerist worker drones.

It certainly started the ‘video game revolution’ albeit without the video at first.

How ‘Dungeons’ changed the world