Adam apologized on a recent podcast… and I got zero comments on my rant. I guess it’s a non-issue for people. Bring on the Godcasts…

Uncomfortable realizations are never fun
Over lunch, and after talking with a friend, I realized I may have assumed to much. I assumed Adam’s motivations, which was wrong. So Adam, if I overreacted, I’m sorry. I’m human. I do that from time to time, especially when my pride is hurt. So with that in mind, you can read my original post below, listen to the clip, and judge for yourself.

The brand new bluer podcast got a mention on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code (a podcast about podcasting).

When I saw it in the show notes I was really excited. I ran to my friends cubicle and told him about it as I was downloading the MP3.

When I listened to the MP3, however, I was a bit disappointed. Although he welcomed more additions to the religion category, he talked more about ‘soliciting donations’ than the content of the podcast, even though there’s not a single mention of money in our podcast.

I can understand that Adam has probably had bad experiences with organized religion in the past (I know I have) but to not give us the benefit of the doubt… as Adam said in yesterday’s podcast when he was being commented on: “I’m hurting.”

What’s ironic is that bluer is full of people who have been burned/shunned/hurt by organized religion. We are a community of spiritual seekers on a journey with God that have found healing in a loving and authentic community – the subject of the podcast!

We are not televangelists asking for love gifts or telling people God will bless them more if they give more. Those types of people turn us off as much as they do most people.

Do we accept donations? Sure we do, but only donations that are free-will offerings of worship to God.

I thought podcasting was a “place for everyone to participate” (Adam Curry, DSC 11-10-04). Apparently though, God is not as welcome as the Super Smart Radio Whore Sex Show… am I mistaken? I welcome your comments.

I realize it’s Adam’s show and he can say anything he wants. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can listen to the MP3 here: (20 mb)
Daily Source Code-November 11th (the clip starts around 9:40)

Here’s the comment I posted on Adam’s site:

Adam, that stings! I was really excited you mentioned the bluer podcast/godcast, but mostly you talked about soliciting donations- which never happens in the bluer podcast. I don’t know what I was hoping for, but I was hoping you would judge us by the content of our podcast, not the behavior of people not affiliated with us.

I’ve been in your shoes- skeptical of anything religious, so I know where you’re coming from and I forgive you. If you have a chance, listen to the whole podcast. I think you’ll realize we are not the kind of Christians you think we are.

I’ve got a post about this on my blog, I hope this can foster some healthy discussion on the topic of faith and spirituality and it’s place in podosphere:

Thanks again for the mention, and keep up the good work. I really enjoy your show.

Grace and love, Nick