Familiarity breeds… traffic violations?

I just got pulled over… in my parking lot!

Apparently I took a turn too fast and failed to signal my turn into the parking lot of my apartment building. He stopped me just as I was opening the door to the underground parking garage.

It’s the same turn I take too fast every night and fail to signal because it’s familiar- I know how fast I can take the turn and the frontage road in front of the apartment building is usually empty… but tonight I did it in front of a cop!

The cop thought I was drunk (bloodshot eyes due to a cold and too little sleep) and coming home from the bar (I was at a church leadership meeting).

My license still has my old address (but I was telling him I lived at the building we were at).

To top it off, my insurance card expired last month (the new one was in a pile of unopened mail) so I was driving without valid insurance.

Despite all that, he cut me a break. Thank God. The last thing I need right now is a traffic ticket.

3 Responses to “Familiarity breeds… traffic violations?”

  • Steve K. Says:

    I wish NC cops were half as understanding … (sigh)

    I’ve had 2 tickets in past year of living down here. It’s crazy.

    OK enough of my b!tch!ng.

    Have a nice day.

  • Patsy Says:

    Hey Nick, the same thing happened to me! I ran a stop sign near my house – 2 screaming girls in the back, long ride, long DAY, g o t… t o… g e t… h o m e… ,oh no… no purse, no license and… oh, thank you God,
    no ticket! It definitely was grace…

  • daniel lukas Says:

    i think you should have told him the stop sign didn’t apply to you. and when he gave you the look like ‘are you nuts’, you should have said. i already stopped at that sign last week.

    boo hoo hahahah

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