I’ve been talking a lot about podcasting lately (in real life at least) so I thought I’d post about it.

Podcasting is a very new idea, built on some new and old technologies (at least old on the internet).


What if your favorite radio shows could be automatically downloaded to your iPod (or other portable audio player)? That’s be pretty cool wouldn’t it?

What if you could listen to a bunch of shows that would never be on the radio? Shows by real live people made in their home using basic tools?

You’d never have to listen to too many commercials or an annoying DJ again. You choose what you listen to and when. And it’s all automatically delivered to your portable device whenever you sync it.

Well, that’s podcasting … and it’s going to be a revolution.

Wired-Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio

So how do it do it?
All you need to receive podcasts is:

An iPod (or similar device)
iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other synchronization software (free with your player or free download)
iPodder (free download)

iPodder is the key to all of this. It connects everything and does the heavy lifting. It downloads the files and puts them in playlists so your sync software can do it’s thing.

Of course you can listen to podcasts in your media player as well… you don’t need an iPod, an iPod just makes it more convenient.

You can find a an ever growing directory of Podcasts at iPodder.org. My church now has a podcast of the messages from our weekly gathering.

Other podcasts include full blown talk radio shows, movie reviews, music shows, and podcasts about… podcasting (The Daily Source Code with Adam Curry).

So who thought of this?
Adam Curry (who you may remember from MTV in the 80’s) and Dave Winer dreamt this all up.