Pointless Comment Spam?

Comment spam is nothing new. I get a few a day despite using the excellent MT-Blacklist plug-in.

What is new is a few spam comments I’ve received in the last couple days.

They follow the standard rules…

1. They are on old posts (in the hope you won’t find them)
2. They consist of an innocuous message (lately famous quotes seem to be the rage)
3. They link to a website selling something (cialis, viagra, poker, etc).

…but there’s where it gets odd. These new spam comments link to dead domains. So what’s the point? If there’s no pagerank/search engine benefits then the only reason could be to annoy me.

That’s cold people. I can understand greed, but pointless annoyance? Get a life losers!

2 Responses to “Pointless Comment Spam?”

  • kevin Says:

    I think I’ve been getting comments like that to. They link to some web site that doesn’t exist (usually the commenters’ name, like joeschmo.com) and they make some incredibly vague comment, like “just discovered your site. interesting post.” They don’t link to any of the typically banned web sites, nor do they try and sell anything in their comments.

    I’ve opted not to delete them, since they appear to be legit comments with little to gain. I just can’t believe there’s a sudden rash of people discovering my site and feeling the need to post strangely similar vague comments on old posts. Something weird is going on.

  • chad Says:

    Interestingly I get the same on my site (mt-2.66) I also use my-blacklist. I will get a bunch at once and are all dead links. I’m wondering if it’s just a keyword they are trying to surface or subliminally plant in ones mind.

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