Oct 26 2004

Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.

I got my WIRED magazine last night, and it had a CD in it. It was not your average, everyday, all rights reserved CD. Instead, it was a ‘some rights reserved’ CD. I liked quite a few of the tracks, and those I didn’t like were well done, just not my cup of tea. The best thing is that I can sample it or use it in a non-commercial video/web site/DVD/etc. Very cool.

Kudos to WIRED and the artisits for firing the first public shot (Creative Commons had been around for quite awhile, but this will be the first time many hear of it).


Oct 26 2004

Clients: can live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

One question you should never ask a web designer:

So… how much does a web site cost?
This is like asking someone how much a car costs (it depends on what you want).

This post was inspired by If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers…, which really hits the nail on the head. Not all clients are this bad, but most have a few of the traits, and some have all of them.

Oct 24 2004

Crash Ballet

The task: edit and put to music some NASA crash footage, in one day.

A one day contest: Crash Ballet

Oct 24 2004

Beam me up, Jesus

Klingons for Christ is a place to discover the teachings of Christ in a new light. No disrespect to any faith, race, aliens, or fans is intended. But the way of the Klingon Warrior can, and should, include the teachings of the King of Kings and
Lord of Lords.

Oct 24 2004

Japanese if you please

Urban Onramps points out that Japan, a very un-Christian nation (1-2%), loves Gospel music (due to Sister Act).

I’ve been wondering if God has plans for me to end up in Japan (as a church planter) at some point. I’ve always been fascinated by the culture (in good and bad ways).

I’m a big fan of RPGs like Final Fantasy and video games which got me into Anime and eventually interested in the fascinating culture Japan has.

I tried learning Japanese for a while, but gave up–it’s quite a difficult language. I’ve found Spanish much easier to learn, but I did have a great teacher which I’m sure helped greatly.

My pastor and I have a ‘pact’ that we will visit Tokyo in the next 5 years for a week or so. We’ll see what God has in store…

Oct 24 2004

Photo Friday: Statement

This week’s theme: Statement. I chose a photo of the an expression of the statement that has changed the world forever.

I found this entry compelling.