HUD made me MAD today

Warning: Design geek rant ahead.

So I have to put an Equal Housing Opportunity logo on a client project. While Googling for the artwork at a print resolution, I found HUD’s page. “I’m in luck” I thought, “and they even have EPS files!” EPS files (in the case of logos) are normally vector (resolution independent) files, but HUD somehow didn’t get that memo. Sure EPS files can contain graphics, but why offer an EPS version when the TIFF is right there? There’s little difference.

So instead of offering 9 different EPS files at different sizes, they could have offered 1 vector EPS and been done with it (and made my day in the process).

Too bad.

Instead I had to open up the big TIFF, manually delete the white area (I need it transparent) and drop it into my document. Urgh.

The crap for crap HUD versions:
Equal Housing Opportunity Graphics for Printing – HUD

My hand traced full blown vector version (.eps):
Vector Equal Housing Opportunity Logo