It might be time to upgrade… taking my photos with me would be very cool. All 4 GB of them 😉

Then again, a friend has been having issues with his new iPod lately (his replacement for the one that died!), while my generation 2 iPod is still going strong and performing flawlessly. I gotta say it- they don’t make then like they used to…

Apple – iPod Photo

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  • kevin Says:

    Hey Nick,

    Congratulations — you were my source of news about the new iPods. Heard it here first.

    I’m just impressed at the cool new offerings. Like I said on my blog, I don’t think they actually contribute that much to what the iPod is, but it just ups the cool factor. The U2 thing is all candy. The color screen is neat, but can’t see using it that much. You’d be more likely to hook it up to another screen to use it, which is probably huge for photography folks like yourself. But the rest of us? Eh.

    I do have to say I bought an iPod a little over a month ago, and mine’s humming along just fine.

  • Monkey Outta Nowhere Says:

    iPod Envy
    The already popular iPod took an enormous leap forward today with the official announcement of a U2-themed iPod and a new color screen photo iPod with a 60 GB capacity. While the cool factor has been advanced incredibly, the new…

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