So U2 has (sold out?) and made an ad for the iPod/iTunes music store. Featuring the trademark silhouettes of previous commercials, but with a bit of their faces thrown in for recognition, it’s quite a cool effect.

Of course, it’s all to get you to download a song for $.99 and then go buy and album with the same song at full price…

Anyways, I really just blogged about that because Kevin made me do it 😉

But what really irks me is this: You can watch a big, gorgeous, extended version of the video in iTunes but you can’t save it!

So the company that’s turning the music biz on it’s head… won’t let you save a commercial to your hard drive. Seriously.

I understand their logic- the more people that see it the more that are in iTunes/the store. In fact, a few people may download iTunes to watch, but I doubt it’s too many.

Here’s a crazy thought: let your rabid fans download the commercial, and spread the word like crazy.

But that’s just me. What do I know? I’m just a customer.