Skippin’ Church

Found an interesting site through one of my Google ads today. It’s called Skippin’ Church. I know the in some cases the local Christian Church is in dire straits and people are fleeing in record numbers, but this still surprised me a bit.

It’s so sad to see people who love God disconnect from a local body of believers. I know I’m blessed to have such an amazing church, but I can’t seem to believe there’s so many ‘bad’ churches out there (at least according to those who have been burned by them).

One thread I see in a lot of the commentary is a misunderstanding of what the Church is supposed to be (IMO) — I see a lot of people saying the church didn’t serve their needs. I believe the church exists to give us a community to glorify God in, a means by which to see the Kingdom of God come, to serve others, and grow as believers of God. Very little of that has anything to do with “you” — it’s all about everyone else (God being the primary)…

It reminds me of a guy who was coming to bluer until recently and talked continuously about how he had been burned/judged/condemned by other churches… but in it, he burned/judged/condemned these other churches and their members when he hadn’t sought a biblical resolution to the issues, he had just left. So I challenged him on my perceived hypocrisy in his statements, and how Christianity was not about being right but about being forgiven and grace centered (which he seemed to like as he valued honesty highly). Unfortunately I haven’t seen him in a few weeks, so I wonder where he’s at… and I wonder if he telling someone else how bluer burned him? Only God knows…

So I posted my story in why I love church–we’ll see what happens.

One Man’s thoughts on God, Church & Society

The forum is full of interesting discussion on the state of the church and why some people have given up…

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