Oct 30 2004

Gmail: Worst ‘feature’ ever

So now that I have more information, this is not an issue. The problem wasn’t Gmail it – was Outlook. You see, in the week to week editing of the newletter, thousands of empty, worthless <SPAN> tags had built up in the email code. After removing most of these and shrinking the email code by over 50%, Gmail displays it just fine.

Lesson learned: Don’t use Outlook to edit your weekly email newsletter!

So I decided to test sending the bluer weekly email newsletter to a Gmail account. I had concerns it might be flagged as SPAM. It wasn’t, but what happened is even more ludicrous.

Gmail clipped the message… truncated it… chopped off the end!

How dumb is that? A service that gives you 1 gb of space decides to limit message length? If there’s logic there, I’m not seeing it.

Even better, the solution in the help center is to: click “more options” then click “view original.” This shows you the HTML source code of the email–real useful to the averge everyday joe user.

Seriously Google, get a clue!

Google’s Reply:

Hello Nick,

Thank you for your message.

To ensure that messages load quickly, Gmail displays a portion of the text
of long messages. We are sorry that you were unable to read the remainder
of your HTML message.

We hope you enjoy Google’s approach to email.


The Gmail Team

“We hope you enjoy Google’s approach to email.”

That about put me over the edge! In responding to a complaint about thier butchering of my email, they hope I enjoy their approach!

Oct 29 2004

Photo Friday: Still Life

There’s something about running water frozen in time that makes me think of infinite things… like the creator of the water and the light captured by my camera. After all, Jesus said he was the river of life…

Oct 29 2004

HUD made me MAD today

Warning: Design geek rant ahead.

So I have to put an Equal Housing Opportunity logo on a client project. While Googling for the artwork at a print resolution, I found HUD’s page. “I’m in luck” I thought, “and they even have EPS files!” EPS files (in the case of logos) are normally vector (resolution independent) files, but HUD somehow didn’t get that memo. Sure EPS files can contain graphics, but why offer an EPS version when the TIFF is right there? There’s little difference.

So instead of offering 9 different EPS files at different sizes, they could have offered 1 vector EPS and been done with it (and made my day in the process).

Too bad.

Instead I had to open up the big TIFF, manually delete the white area (I need it transparent) and drop it into my document. Urgh.

The crap for crap HUD versions:
Equal Housing Opportunity Graphics for Printing – HUD

My hand traced full blown vector version (.eps):
Vector Equal Housing Opportunity Logo

Oct 27 2004

Go, go, Google Print!

Google takes one more step towards all informtion being accessible and searchable in one location. Go, go, Google Print!

Google Print

Oct 26 2004

The Emergent Mystique

Christianity Today Magazine weighs in on the Emerging Church:

The Emergent Mystique – Christianity Today Magazine

Oct 26 2004


It might be time to upgrade… taking my photos with me would be very cool. All 4 GB of them 😉

Then again, a friend has been having issues with his new iPod lately (his replacement for the one that died!), while my generation 2 iPod is still going strong and performing flawlessly. I gotta say it- they don’t make then like they used to…

Apple – iPod Photo