Sep 23 2004

Switching Registrars

After many, many years with 000domains (an excellent registrar), I’ve decided to see if the grass is greener at Register Fly. With $7 transfers until 9/30 and $10 renewals after that, it will save me money, and their site doesn’t try to upsell me 5 things on every page like GoDaddy.

I just transferred all 13 of my domains… wish me luck 😉

Sep 23 2004

Are you some kind of robot?

Truly a classic. SB Email #1, comin’ back atcha.

Sep 23 2004

Abstraction of Hate

I stumbled across some of my old creative writings tonight. I think I’ll post select works over the next few days for kicks and giggles.

I wrote this back in 1997, I think for part of my senior creative writing class. Please read it with that in mind 😉

Abstraction of Hate
When the snow drifts into the deserts and Jerusalem is jade, then will the coming of the hate be seen
The hate will come riding marshmallow horses and polka- dot cats, and it will burn like a million matches
No one can escape the hate for it will reach out it’s spaghetti tentacles and entangle them
Devouring with it’s ice cube teeth, the hate has a hunger, and will not rest until it’s ears grow red.
That hunger will seek you, chill your very soul and you will drink large glasses of apple juice.
This however will not quell the burning, and you will flip coins until your face melts
Bow down before the hate and you will know no power, but instead be sucked up as ants in blood
The hate consumes and creates and eats and vomits and hates and loves
The hate breeds and destroys and needs and gives and goes and comes
The hate is purple with envy from the love it will soon devour
The hate is you spineless peon from a kosher job in New York selling monkeys to Jesus
The hate is me the poet spreading it immortalizing it writing it loving it hating it
The hate is the hate that is the hate eating the hate that loves the hate coming for hate and bringing the
The hate is coming for us

Sep 21 2004

Sky Captain

Just got back from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Pure entertainment. I loved it. The visual style was dead on, as were the fun homages.

Worth seeing on the big screen.

It reminded me of Crimson Skies although, from what I read, Sky Captain pre-dates it by almost a decade.

Sep 20 2004

8-bit D&D

Frighteningly realistic. This is how I remember all my D&D experiences (total of 3 I think)…

8-bit D&D

Sep 17 2004

Photo Friday: Domestic

Taken at IKEA Twin Cities. Canon PowerShot s410.
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