POS Microwave

So here’s the story:

About a week ago, a microwave appeared just inside the door of the indoor parking garage of the apartment complex. It had a handwritten signed proclaiming it was free for the taking.

A week passed. Each day I would see the microwave as I went to and from work/church/etc.

This morning something changed… the note had been removed, and a new note written: “No one wants it it’s a piece of $%^&.” To which someone else replied: “Is that necessary–it was offered! Jeez.”

For some reason I find the whole situation really amusing.

I wonder how long it will stick around before an interested party/employee/good samaritan takes care of it?


On an odd note: Apparently “Jeez” is the correct spelling (at least according to Outlook Express’ dictionary, which I use to spell check posts).