Sep 30 2004

This is what it looks like when thousands of digital cameras lose their photo-virginity

What was your first time like?

Here’s the first picture from my Canon Powershot:
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Sep 30 2004

Advertising on fire trucks

On my way home tonight, I passed some kind of scene surrounded by several fire trucks. One of the trucks was departing and drove in front of me for awhile before turning off to the EMT station by Lake Calhoun.

At some point I noticed something odd about the truck–there was an advertisement on it! It was on a canvas sheet that covers the hose storage area (a decent chunk of the back side of the truck).

It was for Quit Plan, which is interesting, as both help people stop smoking 😉

So the question is: can anyone advertise there? or it only for public service type messages?

Will we see “This fire rescue brought to you by Mennen” one day? How about “The arrest is sponsored by Tropicana” (a bad brand experience for one person to be sure)?

Has anyone else seen these firetruck ads?

Sep 24 2004

Photo Friday: Furry

Tiki is the new bundle of fur in the apartment. My roommate Mark adopted her in July, and she’s been harassing me and poor Jade (my cat) ever since… but she’s disgustingly cute, so she can get away with it.
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Sep 23 2004


My cashier at Cub Foods was named IGOR. Seriously. True story.

Sep 23 2004

Virtual Windows

You’ll never have to leave home again! Just don’t get too close… or reality will pixellate 😉

The Virtual Window Project

Sep 23 2004

Is fizzling already?

I only had one person sign up, and I never even completed my requirement (used a full credit card by accident) so I’ve given up. I still get tons of spam from them though,a nd despite their assertions, it’s straight up spam ;-(

Wired News: IPod Promoters Feel the Heat