Tired… can’t sleep

I was tired and groggy all day–now I can’t sleep.

I just drafted a long and rambling email to remind people in a not so subtle way to get their butts over to my place tonight and watch The Green Mile. It’s a thing we call Cinema Community. John (my pastor) is fond of saying: “Nothing builds community like sitting in a dark room with a bunch of strangers for 2 hours!”

The funny thing is, mostly regulars come. You know, the people who come to most events. The people who have been coming to bluer for years. The ones who are fairly plugged in.

Rarely (if ever) does a really new person pop on in. Is that because they weren’t personally invited? Perhaps. I wonder though if that’s just too much. I don’t think I would have had the guts to go to a strangers house to watch a movie, even if it was a church event. It took a cute girl and free pizza to get me to attend an extra-church activity… a movie? Not so much (and I love movies).

So anyways, now that I’m all down on my own stinking event, I believe I will try to go to sleep again…

Here’s the email:

Just a friendly reminder that there will be a screening of The Green Mile at my place tonight. Screening is a fancy way of saying we’re watching the movie. So don’t think it’s some high brow fancy schmancy affair. It’s really quite homey and down to earth. Well, it’s on the 3rd floor but you get my drift. Am I rambling? I think I’m rambling. We have free pop and popcorn at the movie night thing at my place tonight. We’re watching a movie… called… ummm… something Green. The Olive Meter? Nope. Hmmm… The… Green Mile. That’s it! It’s gonna be great. You should come. It’s this Friday (well today, I mean tonight) at 7 at my place. Did I mention it’s going to be great? See ya there. I mean here. I mean… you know what I mean. You see there a movie event thing happ…………………….*

Cinema Community
We will be watching The Green Mile [R]. You bring yourself and friends—we’ll provide drinks and popcorn.

*This was really funny at 11:47 Thursday night. You mileage may vary. Void in Alaska, Hawaii and anywhere else things are usually void or prohibited. No purchase necessary. This is naturally fat free food. Written by a person who has consumed nuts in the past (today, actually) they were delicious. Nuts are a good source of protein. I like nuts. Nuts will not be served at the movie night–just popcorn.