Hyperlink Policies are stupid

The Athens 2004 Web Site has one of the dumbest hyperlink policies I’ve seen.

In fact, by publishing the link above, I am in violation of the policy. Amazing.

You see, they want to control how others link to them…. as if that’s possible…. or even advisable… or even a sane and rational thought.

Let’s translate this into a non-internet example and see how silly it really is.

Joe owns a supermarket called “Joe’s Foods.” He posts a ‘word of mouth’ policy one day. It states that in order to tell others about his store for free you must:

a) Use the term “Joe’s Foods” only, and no other term as the text referent

b) Not associate the referral with any image esp. his logo (which is copyright ©2004 Joe’s Foods)

c) Send a request letter to the “Joe’s Foods” stating:
Short description of yourself
Reason for referring
Your address
Time period during which you will be referring
Phone Number

Sounds really silly now doesn’t it?

Athens 2004 wants you to ask permission, provide personal information, and follow strict guidelines in order to give them free publicity.

The term ludicrous comes to mind.

The best part is that the policy is “For your protection and ours…”.

Since when was hyperlinking dangerous?

Update: Greplaw agrees.

Dontlink.com has more stupid hyperlinking policies.