Christian Spam

I recieved some more Christian spam this week. I really hate Christian spam—it makes me feel sad inside.

I won’t name the ministry, as their initial response was not only quick but exactly what I was hoping for. A “this will never happen again” would have been the icing on the cake, but I’ll take what I can get 😉

Here’s my email to them:

I have received several emails from your organization in the last week.
Funny thing is, I have never heard of your organization or signed up to
receive any emails from you.

In my book, that constitutes unsolicited junk email-more commonly known
as spam. Although you are within the bounds set forth in the CAN-SPAM act,
I hope that Christian organizations, especially those teaching others to
[removed], would want to be above reproach in this matter.

If you have purchased any email lists lately, I’d strongly encourage you
to talk to the vendor as you most likely purchased a non opt-in list.

And the (quick) response:

Please accept our apology for this. We are not sure why this happened
and no, we are not in the habit nor do we condone “spamming”. We are
however dependent on others at times to get e-mails out for marketing
and information purposes. We are in the process of tracking down the
events that caused this to happen and we will try to be better at it
next time.
We appreciate your understanding.