Devotional thoughts

Just finished my devotions for today. I have been cramming them in after lunch when I can/remember/have the energy. I’ve been failing miserably as usual.

Funny thing is, I never seem to want to do my devotions, but when I do, I really enjoy spending time with God and get a lot out of it. I usually say “I’ve got to do this every day.” Which I don’t… but anyways.

I’m starting to see why people do this first thing in the morning. After devotions life feels… right. Usually anything negative I was thinking/feeling is gone, and I’m at peace. Starting every day like that would be a good thing 😉

So today I said “I really need to do this every morning.’ Not being a morning person, it’ll take a miracle for me to pull it off, but then again, God is in the miracle busienss. So… we’ll see.

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