New BGEA Web site

The ‘long anticipated’ redesign of is live. This has been in the works since before I left—over a year at least. Makes me sad. I liked the old site…

Interesting points to note:
1. Not standards complaint (HTML 4.0 Transitional)
2. Uses tables for layout (lots of them)
3. Not using
4. Homepage is 209kb (quite a hefty download for a modem user)
5. Designed for 1024×768 (menus are kept inside an 800×600 browser window)
6. Reminiscent of (this is not a coincidence 😉
7. The image in the Looking for Answers section is… really depressing. I have to question the wisdom of that decision.

All in all, I’m not a fan. Although I like some elements, the overall package leaves me feeling like it’s a step back, not forward. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements over time.

With apologies to the BGEA internet crew, but I have to call it like I see it ;-(

7 Responses to “New BGEA Web site”

  • Steve K. Says:

    Nick, you are a jerk. But I love ya anyway.

  • Nick Says:

    I only criticise because I have so much love for Billy and BGEA. I see the unfulfilled potential. That’s all.

    I know all too well the pressures and ignorance the team has to deal with.

  • kevin Says:

    I feel your pain, Nick. My favorite part is that the word “crusade” is in vogue again. So much for that pc experiment.

  • daniel lukas Says:

    like the caped crusader.

    “pow”, “bitch”, “bam”, “boom”….

    holy polaris batman!!!

  • daniel lukas Says:

    it reminds me a bit of relevent. sort of.

    only not pomo in orientation.

    pomos are the… wait. nevermind.

  • stevievan Says:

    Some things are better left unsaid.

    that said, when you are intimately involved w/ an organization for many years, it’s hard to not feel some sense of ownership and pride, even if your relationship has changed.

    For some really great design ;), check out . I couldn’t even register my daughter for camp, cause so much stuff kept loading on my Mac w/ IE 5.

    so I said it. shame on me

  • thoughts Says:

    I Have a Marketing Degree!
    Well, it finally happened. The immense redesign of (my former employer) — that was initiated only four months after the redesign me and my team slaved over — is finally up. Not everyone is happy with the new look,…

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