Words recently used…

… that I don’t normally use:

Bloody (as in bloody Macs)

Snob Goggles

That is all.

PS- I also used the phrase ‘intensely adequate’ the other day. It’s very closely related to the phrase ‘intensely mediocre’ which I’ve used in the past to describe some movies.

2 Responses to “Words recently used…”

  • stevievan Says:

    I prefer “Outstandingly Medicore”. this came from an engineer friend of mine named John Spaugy (no kidding.) Imagine Bill Gates circa 1979, and you have Spaugy.

  • Tinkering Says:

    Insights from blog comments.
    I am constantly amazed where I find insight into my faith these days. As I have gotten into reading blogs over the last few months, I have noted that many of the responses and comments to the blog posts are where I am challenged most. I read one post t…

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