Jul 25 2004

US army food… just add urine

Ummm… I guess it tastes like chicken 😉

BBC NEWS | Americas | US army food… just add urine

Jul 25 2004

&*%#ing comment spammers!

Last night I got comment bombed — not spammed — bombed. I had around 1000 spam comments flow into my inbox this morning! All from different ips using 3 different urls/emails. Evil!

My favorite comment:
“Love your web site. God Bless You!”

Uh huh. Yeah. If that’s not taking the Lord’s name in vain, I don’t know what is…

Thank God for MT-Blacklist.

Jul 23 2004

Photo Friday: Mother

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Jul 22 2004

robot finds kitten

Amazing. The amount of time wasted on this silly game is… well… awesome. My robot found it’s kitten. Has yours?

robotfindskitten… helping robots find kittens since 1997

Jul 22 2004

Goign to Church… in the Mall

Interesting. A church in a mall… actually… a church in the biggest mall in the U.S.A. So the question I have is: is the MOA a ‘darker’ place spiritually than, say, the Phillips neighborhood where my church is? I’d have to say yes. People in both places need a serious dose of Jesus, but the people at the mall… I’m guessing they think they have it all together and don’t need Jesus. The people in the Phillips neighborhood are more likely to realiuze they are not living life to the fullest. But that’s just my opinion. Comments?

The River Church at Mall of America

Jul 21 2004

Fallout Art Fest 2004

This is where I’ll be the Saturday… if you’re in the Twin Cities area you should stop by. it’s gonna be a blast!

Fallout Art Fest 2004